Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lankford Grocery & Market

My husband and I saw this restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and we tried two times last summer to eat here.  We were unsuccessful because the line was too long.  They are not open on Sundays.  We decided to arrive at 11 a.m. this past Saturday and beat the lunch rush. We arrived just in time because after we sat down, the line grew long.

The restaurant used to be a grocery store and is located in a residential area.  Parking appears to be a problem.  We were lucky to find a spot.

There is indoor and outdoor seating.  However, they are in the middle of remodeling and several of the tables had been removed making it even harder to find a seat.  I am surprised they kept the restaurant open during their renovation because it was quite a mess.

It took quite a while for a waitress to arrive at our table and we soon learned that she was only there to take our order and bring us our food.  There was no in between service. The checks are kept at counter which is where you pay.  There are no refills. I ordered a soda and was brought a can and a plastic tumbler.  Jeff ordered a tea.  We are not sure if they give refills on tea because, well, the waitress never came back.

I ordered the Western Burger.  The burger has BBQ sauce, baked beans, cheddar cheese and red onions.  The burger was good.  The BBQ sauce was not my favorite.  I also ordered onion rings.  They were good.
Western Burger

Western Burger with Onion Rings
Jeff ordered the Grim Burger.  This is a burger with mac & cheese, egg, bacon, and jalapenos.  He had Tex Mex as his side which is fried jalapeno strips and onion straws.  He enjoyed the burger and the Tex Mex.

The Grim Burger and Tex Mex

Our meal was about $27.  They do not take credit cards, so make sure you have a check or cash, if you eat here.  We enjoyed the food, but agreed we would not want to eat here again.  The place is very unorganized and the service is terrible. People were lined up next to our table waiting for a table of their own.  It was not an enjoyable time for us.

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