Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Razzoo's Cajun Cafe

We ate here on a Sunday evening.  There was a thirty minute wait. It was our first time eating here, so I am not sure if it is common to have a wait.  However, I think the wait was caused by not having enough waitstaff because when we were finally seated, there were many empty tables.  There were four girls working the hostess area, so maybe they should reconsider the need there and put it into waitstaff. 

A view of the restaurant.  This is a wall of bottles.
My husband ordered the Seafood Combo Patter which included fried shrimp, catfish and crawfish tails w/ fries, corn on cob & pups.  He said it was good. He liked the corn on the cob because it was dipped in butter and garlic.

I ordered the Ribeye Steak which included the mashed spuds and fried green beans.  This is a blackened steak, so it was full of Cajun spice.  The green beans were pretty spicy, too.  I liked them.  The steak was a little bit too spicy for me.

The prices were reasonable and the service was good once we were seated.  This is a restaurant we might visit again if we return to the area. 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Twin Peaks

My husband warned me that this place is like a Hooter's and he is correct.  I have never been to Hooter's but I think most people are familiar with them.  We were surprised to see that they offer valet service. We thought that was crazy because the free parking is just a few steps away.  I guess it is a way for them to make extra money on the busy nights.  We were greeted by a hostess who was leaning over the pedestal so that we could get a good view of her breasts that were barely covered. The sign outside did say there were "scenic views".   I thought it was funny that the waitresses have the shortest shorts possible and the tops are barely there, but they wear knee socks.

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Okay, so on to the food.  We ordered fried pickles as our appetizer.  We were quite surprised by the amount of pickles.  We were even more surprised when we ran out of the ranch dipping sauce and asked for a second one and we were charged $.69 for it.  Seriously, it's not like we were taking a handful of sauces home with us.  We needed more sauce for the pickles we were given. 

I ordered a Smokehouse Burger which had mushrooms, BBQ sauce, two patties, cheddar cheese, onions and bacon.

There was something about the burger that I didn't like.  I don't know if it was the bun, the BBQ sauce or the mushrooms.  There was something that just didn't taste right.  The fries were well seasoned and very good.

My husband ordered the Philly Cheesesteak.  He said it was good, but it was the messiest thing that he has ever eaten.  It comes with mushrooms, peppers, onions, mayo, provolone with the option to add jalapenos, queso and pico de gallo.  The queso and pico de gallo were great for as a dip for the fries.

 Here are a few views of the restaurant.  There are a several big screen TVs as well as several on the patio.

 We enjoyed the food here and we may visit again.  Do you think they will mind if I bring in my own Ranch dipping sauce next time?  LOL

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have eaten at Smashburger three times in the past month and I have loved it each time.  I actually had it twice last week because I couldn't get the fried pickles off of my mind.  LOL

Smashburger is a hamburger chain that has locations in several states.  You stand in line to place your order and then a staff member brings you your food.   The price is a little high. I spent $12 on lunch and that was for a burger, fried pickles and drink.

The only burger I have tried is the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger.  It is made with BBQ sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar and haystack onions on an egg bun.  I didn't know at first if I would like the egg bun, but I do.  It is so good!  The burgers have a very nice flavor.

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger and Fried Pickles
I love the fried pickles.  The breading has a nice seasoning and compliments the taste of the pickles.   The first time I ate here, I tried the haystack onions and they are very good, too.  Since the haystack onions are on this burger, I am not missing out by not ordering a side of them.

I highly recommend this place and I hope to have it one more time before leaving Houston.  However, I won't have to go through withdrawals because there are locations in Denver and that is our next destination.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Red Oak Grill

We ate here on a Saturday night.   This is a restaurant where you stand in line to place your order.  A waitress brings the food to your table.  As I have said in the past, I am not fond of this type of ordering, but it seems to be what many restaurants are doing now.

Red Oak Grill serves American, Greek and Mediterranean food.  The menu is quite large.  I decided to order Greek food.  I had a Kofta Kabob which is two skewers of charbroiled ground beef and served with rice and Mediterranean salad.

The food was very good.  I am not sure what the dipping sauce was and what it was supposed to be used on, but I liked it and put it on all of my food.  I was surprised that the salad did not have have lettuce. I liked it though.

My husband ordered mushrooms as an appetizer.

Yes, these are mushrooms and they were very good!
My husband ordered Lamb Kabobs for his meal.

It came with the same sides as mine.

We both thought the food was very good. The staff is very nice and the service was quick.  This is a place that we would visit again if we were in Houston longer.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Prince's Hometown Burger

My husband spotted this restaurant on his drive home from work one day and thought it might be a fun place to try.

The first location in Houston opened in 1932.   There are now four locations here.  I am not sure if they are all decorated the same, but the one we visited is decorated in a 50's motif.  It is definitely a fun place, in my opinion.  There was a jukebox that was playing 50's music.

As you can see, the place was practically empty on a Thursday night at 6 p.m.   A few people came in after I took these photos.

I ordered The Lone Star 1/2 burger for $7.99.  It included fries and onion rings.  I had a choice of the poppy seed bun or wheat bun.  I chose poppy seed.

The Lone Star Burger which has Cheddar Cheese, Hickory Sauce, Grilled Onions and Bacon.
I really liked the burger.  The hickory sauce really made this burger.  The fries were nicely seasoned.  The onion rings were also good. 

Jeff ordered the Prince's Original Burger.  This burger comes with their special sauce.  It is a tomato-based sauce that Jeff did not like. It is a 1/3 lb., all-beef patty, with mustard, onions, pickles, tomato & Prince's Sauce. $4.49.  He ordered onion rings on the side as well as Primo Fries which have Queso, sour cream, chives, jalapenos & bacon.  $4.99   We both really liked the Primo Fries.

Prince's Original Burger and onion rings in the back and Primo Fries in the front.
I have had a problem finding good burgers here in Houston, but Prince's has a good burger.  I would love to eat here again.

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