Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jack Stack Barbecue

Kansas City like Memphis is known for its' barbecue.  Jeff had eaten here before, but I had not.  He has been raving about the burnt ends, so I really wanted to try this place.  He warned me that we might have to wait in line, but we arrived before it became crowded. There was a long line when we left.

Jack Stack Barbecue


Inside Jack Stack.  Kitchen can be seen through the window.
We started our meal with a half order of breaded mushrooms.

The mushrooms were quite large. The dipping sauce was horseradish and was really good.
Jeff ordered a salad with his meal.

I ordered a combination of spare ribs and burnt ends.

Spare ribs and burnt ends.
Coleslaw was a side.
The waitress asked if we wanted additional BBQ sauce. We said no because it looked like their was plenty of sauce on the meat, but there wasn't.  We later asked her for more sauce which she brought.  The meat was really good.  I thought the bread was Texas toast, but it was dry toast.  I was not impressed with it.

Jeff ordered lamb ribs and burnt ends.  I didn't take a photo because it looked identical to mine.  He really liked the lamb ribs.  I tried them and didn't like them at all.

Our waitress was great.  The employees work at a fast pace, but they seem to work together which is nice for the guests.  We enjoyed eating here and I would like to go back.  Jeff actually has already made a return visit with co-workers.

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