Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Billy Bob's Texas

If you are visiting Billy Bob's Texas, you are probably not really going there for the food.  Billy Bob's is the "World's Largest Honky Tonk" and is located in Forth Worth.  Jeff and I went there on a Saturday.  Actually, I thought they would have a nice restaurant.  The restaurant they have is small.  You place your order at the counter, but a person does bring the food to your table.

The restaurant

The menu is pretty small.  It has hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ and chicken fried steak.  I chose the chicken fried steak sandwich.  I was surprised that it didn't come with gravy.  It came with lettuce and tomato.  I added mustard and ketchup to it.  It was good.

Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich with Fries
 We ordered fried pickles as an appetizer.  These were really good.  The breading was pretty plain, but the pickles themselves were really good.  I would definitely order these again.

Fried Pickles
Jeff ordered a BBQ plate.  He said it was cold.  There was one guy taking orders and then he also had to bring the food out.  He was quite busy and the food sat on the counter for a while so that is probably why Jeff's was cold.  Jeff said the turkey was really good.  I think the other meat was beef.

BBQ Plate
The walls around the restaurant were covered with buns that were signed by celebrities.

No matter when you go to Billy Bob's, you will have to pay a $2 cover charge.  Personally, I think they should take $2 off your food bill since you are spending money there and not just looking.  It is not much money, of course, but still we did spend additional money.

After we ate, we walked around and saw guitars signed by celebrities as well as hand prints.  There is a lot to see at Billy Bob's.

Yes, there is a bull riding arena, too!
 We enjoyed our time here, but I don't see us going back.

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