Wednesday, February 19, 2014

El Fenix Mexican Restaurant

We ate here last year when we were in Arlington, TX area, so I was excited to try it again.

The chips that are served with salsa are deep fried, I think. They are very crisp. Each person is given their own bowl of salsa, so you can double dip as much as you like.

We ordered an appetizer here which is rare for us to do in a Mexican restaurant since we feel chips and salsa are enough. Jeff wanted to try the stuffed jalapenos though.  I expected this to be very hot, but it wasn't.  It was good.

Stuffed jalapenos. They were stuffed with chicken.
 I ordered the beef chimichanga.  I know that is a shocker.  LOL

The only thing the chimi had in it was shredded beef.  It was good, but a little cheese or some beans would have been nice.

Jeff ordered a tamale trio.  He said it was good.

I enjoyed eating here again.   The good is good as is the service and the prices are reasonable.

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