Thursday, April 17, 2014

Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburger

Freddy's is a chain restaurant that we have seen billboards for as we have traveled from state to state.  I have been wanting to try it and that chance came on a Saturday afternoon.

It is very much like a Steak N Shake.  However, there is not waitress service here.  Diners place their order at the counter and then pick it up when their number is called.

I ordered the double cheese steak burger and fries.

 Jeff ordered a sandwich and fries, but I forgot to take a photo of his sandwich and half the onion rings were gone before I took a photo of them.

The burger was really good.  The fries were okay, but they do have a fry sauce that helps.  The onion rings were really good.  I think that I like this place better than Steak N Shake, but I may need to try it a few more times to be sure.  LOL

I had hoped to try one of their custard sundaes which looked really good, but we were too full.  Yes, a return trip is necessary. :-)

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