Saturday, March 22, 2014

A1 Super Buffet

We enjoy trying Chinese buffets.  We have had some really good ones and some bad ones.  This one was a disappointment to us.  When we walked in, I thought it was going to be good.  It is decorated nicely.

The host told us that they have recently changed their menu.  Many Chinese restaurant let you choose your food from the buffet and it is cooked for you.  This place allows you to cook the food yourself or you can choose the cooked food.  The cooked food is $12.99 and the uncooked is $17.99.  We chose the cooked food because the food that is normally on the buffet that is uncooked is not what we like.  We expected to have a nice selection of cooked foods to choose from, but we were wrong.  We had very limited food.  The food sat on a plate under a heat lamp.  It was quite disappointing.  Since I am allergic to shellfish, I was very limited to what I could eat here.  There were just a few chicken dishes and some spring rolls.  The food was not labeled well which is also a problem for patrons who are allergic to shellfish.

Each table comes with a fire pit for patrons to cook their food.
 If we had chosen to cook our own food, I may have a totally different review to write.  We will not be going back to give them another try though.

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