Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pappasitos Cantina

Pappasitos Cantina is our favorite Mexican restaurant in Texas.  However, I think the locations in Houston are better than the ones in Dallas.  The Houston restaurants have a different green salsa than the ones in Dallas and I really like that.

We arrived around 3 p.m. on a Sunday.  The restaurant was not crowded which was nice.  We were seated in a small area that was full though.  Unfortunately, I was seated next to two children.  One child kept stretching and hitting me.  He also leaned over to check out my food and was amazed by Jeff's fajitas.  The other child had a balloon attached to his arm and yes, I was hit with it a few times when he ran around the table.  I was becoming quite annoyed, but Jeff said I should ignore it.

Our waiter was friendly, but so annoying.  His favorite thing to say was "my friend".  Every sentence ended with "my friend".  I wish I would have kept count, but he probably said it twenty or more times.  He also mentioned twice that my food must not have been that good.  He was joking because I ate most of it.  When he brings his customers their bills he says "God Bless".  It doesn't really bother me, the my friend bothered me more, but I can see where some might get upset.

Pappasitos is quite pricey.   I planned on ordering fajitas but their lunch portion was $25.  I decided to stick with a burrito which was $15.  I know, how boring, but most of their items come with seafood and I can't eat that. 

The burrito was good.  It was made with beef and beans, no cheese.  I always think it is odd that they do not put cheese in their burritos.  It was good. Their food is always good.

Jeff ordered fajitas with shrimp, beef  and chicken.  The picture I took is really blurry.  The shrimp were really large.  Again, no cheese or peppers are served with their fajitas.  We are from Missouri and both are included with fajitas.

We enjoyed the food.  My dining experience wasn't all that pleasant due to the kids next to me and our waiter.  I will request a booth the next time.

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