Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine

This was my first time eating at a Cuban restaurant.  The food was wonderful!   I enjoyed the art on the walls.  The waitstaff was very nice and our meal was served before we could even finish our appetizer.


We started out with Empanadas which is a turnover filled with meat.  We chose ground beef.

 We were served toasted bread.  It was pretty plain.

Toasted bread
I ordered Bistec de Palomilla.  Menu description says: Our traditional style steak, thin, juicy and very tasty. Served with chopped onions and parsley.  Black beans, rice and sweet plantains are the sides.

The steak was delicious!  I loved it.  The rice was seasoned nicely.  I didn't expect that. I thought it would be plain.  I didn't try the black beans only because I had eaten a of beans at lunch and thought that was enough. The sweet plantains had a very nice flavor.

Bistec de Palomilla with rice and sweet plantains

Black Beans
Jeff ordered El Trio.  Menu description says: A combination of our most popular entree, chicken fillet, pork chop Palomilla steak served with white rice, black beans and sweet plantains.  Jeff thought it was really good.  He didn't care much for the chicken and I agreed after trying a bite. We just didn't care for the flavor of it but he liked his steak and pork chop.  He loved the plantains.

El Trio

We had planned on having dessert because we love Tres Leches which is a dense, moist cake made with evaporated, sweetened condensed milk and whole milk.  We were too full and didn't think this was a good dessert to take home.  I was disappointed because I really had planned on dessert.

This is a great place to eat and the prices are very reasonable.  My dinner was only $11.95.  My first Cuban food experience was a great one thanks to Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine!

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  1. Sounds super. I understand your disappointment over not being able to fit in dessert. I feel this frustration often.

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