Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lincoln Way Cafe

We ate at Lincoln Way Cafe on a Saturday afternoon.  We were on our way to Dixon, IL to visit Ronald Reagan's Boyhood Home and we chose this restaurant from a list on our GPS.  Lincoln Way Cafe is actually in Franklin Grove, IL which is about ten miles past Dixon.  We basically drove an additional 20 miles to eat here. 

Lincoln Way Cafe is a small place that seemed to be filled with locals who knew each other.  I always feel a little uncomfortable when I am the only outsider, but that is just me.  Credit cards are not accepted.  Checks are accepted if you or local or if they know you. 

Side of building.  I love visiting small towns because of things like this.
We were greeted promptly and our waitress was very friendly.  The cafe was very crowded when we arrived.

I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with  fries.  I was surprised that a salad is included with their sandwiches.  The food was all good and while I can't remember the exact price, it was very reasonable.

Jeff ordered the Texas Burger which is on Texas Toast and has BBQ sauce.

We enjoyed the food here.  We probably will not return because it is out of the way for us, but it was a nice place to eat.

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