Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Junction Eating Place


We were looking for a place to eat lunch on a Sunday and decided to give this place a try.  It was pretty crowded but we were seated immediately.  I noticed there were people of all ages, but there were a lot of college students.  I was surprised by that because it seemed more like an older person's restaurant.

Our waitress was very friendly and took our order promptly.

I ordered a pork tenderloin sandwich and seasoned fries. The sandwich was great!  The fries were also really good.  I totally enjoyed this meal. 

Jeff ordered a breakfast skillet with corned beef hash.  He really liked it. I tried it and liked it, too.  I would have been jealous if I hadn't been so in love with my own meal.  LOL

Breakfast skillet with corned beef hash and hash browns.
We really enjoyed eating here and we may make a return trip.

If you noticed the pictures say "Two Greyhound Town", don't worry, they are mine.  I just am lazy today and didn't change them to reflect this blog. Two Greyhound Town belongs to my greyhounds.  They write about our travel adventures.

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