Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sorrento's Restaurant

Sorrento's is an Italian/American restaurant. We were seated promptly and our waitress was very nice.  She laughed when she saw me taking photos.  She said there are a lot of  people that do it, but she doesn't understand why.  I told her I do it for my blog.

Everyone receives a relish tray, bread and crackers and cheese dip and butter with their order.

We started our meal out with breaded mushrooms as an appetizer.
Soup AND salad are included with the meals.

Cream of Chicken - I am not a soup fan, but it was good.

I ordered Creamy Garlic as my dressing and it was really good.  I am usually a Ranch gal.
 I ordered the Ribeye.  I was really torn between a steak and chicken marsala.

Look at the size of this steak!

A baked potato was my side item.

Jeff ordered the strip steak and shrimp.

His side was a twice baked potato.
We enjoyed eating here.  The portion sizes were large.  I was not able to eat even half of my steak and had it for lunch the next day.  Jeff really liked the shrimp and the twice baked potato. 

The prices were not bad.  My dinner was $24.95 which is higher than I like to pay for a steak, but after seeing the size of it, I was fine with the price.  LOL

I hope to go back some day and try the chicken marsala. Sorrento's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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