Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainforest Cafe

We ate at the Gurnee, IL location on a Sunday afternoon.  I figured the prices would be high due to all the decorations inside the restaurant.  The restaurant is made to look like the rainforest with fog, rain showers, aquariums and animals that come to life every 15 minutes. There is also a thunderstorm every 30 minutes.

 The restaurant is very dark.  If you look closely at the above photo, you may be able to see the tigers in the background.

We waited in line for about five minutes to be seated.  Our table was "under the stars".  We enjoyed looking at all the decor in the restaurant.

The service was quite slow.  Employees were plentiful and the manager was constantly running back and forth looking for empty tables. It seemed very unorganized.

I decided to just order a hamburger because the prices were rather high and I did not know if the food was worth the money.  I was correct.  The first bite of my burger was good.  However, the next bite was cold. 

BBQ Bacon Burger

Taste of the Islands - Coconut Shrimp, Blackened Tilapia, scallop and shrimp
The only thing that was hot on Jeff's plate was the scallop and shrimp.  He was quite disappointed since his meal with a beverage was almost $30.

No, we did not send our food back as we have seen on TV what happens at some restaurants when you send your food back.  The manager asked how our food was and I did tell her.  She said "I'm sorry."

Obviously, we will not be returning to this restaurant. This meal was one of the worst that we have ever had.

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