Tuesday, December 4, 2012

China Border

We ate at China Border for lunch on Sunday.  This is a Chinese buffet.  We found the waitstaff to be very attentive and our glasses of tea were refilled several times.  There was a wide range of foods on the buffet including pizza, chicken wings. rice, seafood and several Chinese dishes. Jeff commented that there were not as many Chinese dishes as he expected, but they had many different types of food.

My only complaint is not all the food was labeled.  This is a concern for me when I am eating at a buffet because I am allergic to shellfish and many of the items were seafood.  I am really careful when choosing my food, but I always feel better when things are labeled.

This restaurant allows for customers to get their buffet to go. There were several customers who used this service.

We really enjoyed the food on this buffet and we left feeling very full.  I am not sure we will return only because there are so many other places to try and while it was good, it didn't knock our socks off. 

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