Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Luby's Cafeteria

Jeff and I ate here on Sunday night.  We had been wanting to try Luby's since our trip here over the summer.  They are located all over the city.

Inside Luby's Cafeteria.
We were somewhat surprised when we arrived.  I did not know we were going to one of the cafeterias.  I think there are different kinds.  I know there are drive-thrus and cafeterias, but I thought they had regular restaurants.  I may be wrong on that.  Anyway, you should not let the word cafeteria stop you from going.  It is not your typical cafeteria.  This is a nice place.

I wasn't really sure how to order, so I asked the person behind the counter.  She told us that we could order a salad for the substitution of one of our sides for $.69 more. We both decided to do that.  We chose the type of salad we wanted and then the toppings.  They do not skimp on the toppings.  I had cheese, mushrooms, eggs, bacon and croutons.

My side salad.  It was very good.
I then had to decide what I wanted for my main course.  There were several things to choose from.  I decided on Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes as a side.  I messed up by ordering the full portion because it was way too big and when asked if I wanted brown or white gravy, I chose brown thinking it was for my mashed potatoes.  I quickly told her to put white on the mashed potatoes after I saw the brown going on the chicken fried steak.
Chicken Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes
Jeff chose a pork chop and roasted potatoes for his meal.  Sorry, no photos.

We then had to choose our bread.  I chose a dinner roll and he chose a corn muffin.

The food was very good.  We decided that this was a quick way to get a dinner.  There is no waiting on waitstaff to take your order.  You see the food and just choose it that way.  It really is a nice way to do it. I am glad we were finally able to try one of these restaurants.  I think we may have to try a drive-thru and see what they offer.

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review - glad you finally made it in and we do hope you come back soon!