Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yia Yia Mary's Greek Kitchen

I had never eaten Greek food before but decided to try it when I realized Yia Yia Mary's is owned by Pappa's. I have been impressed with all of their restaurants except for their barbecue.

We ate here on the Saturday before Christmas.  We were seated promptly.  Our waiter asked if we had eaten there before and we said no.  He said that entitled us to a FREE dessert. We were impressed by that.  We ordered Saganaki Cheese which is fried cheese that is flamed at your table.  I should have had my camera ready, but I didn't.   The person who served our Saganaki Cheese was not our waiter.  He set the cheese on fire and then said "oompah". His oompah was not very heartfelt.  We heard others who really got into it and said "OOMPAH!"  It was very good even without the big OOMPAH.

Saganaki Cheese

 Unfortunately, I took the food pictures with my cell phone and I think the lens was dirty. All of the following pictures are blurry.

Jeff ordered the Spartan Mixed Grill which is lamb chops, choice of beef, chicken or shrimp souvlaki & Loukaniko sausage.  Jeff chose the shrimp.

Spartan Mixed Grill - sorry it is so blurry.
 I tried the lamb chops and they were delicious!
Jeff's side which was green beans with a tomato sauce.
 I ordered Beef Tenderloin Souvlaki.  It was really good.  I wasn't really fond of the rice it was served on, but I liked the meat and sauce.  There were tomatoes, onions and peppers with the meat.

Beef Tenderlion Souvlaki

My side was Horta which is tender greens in olive oil.  I didn't expect it to be cooked.  I didn't care for it.
After we finished eating our meal, we were asked what we wanted for our free dessert.  We chose Baklava.  I thought this was a German dessert, silly me.  It was good, but very sweet.

Baklava - this is two full slices.  It is not showing well in the photo.
Jeff and I both really enjoyed the food.  I highly recommend this place.  It is a fun place to eat.

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