Monday, December 3, 2012

Escalantes Mexican Grille

Saturday night, Jeff and I were looking for a Mexican restaurant.  Okay, in Houston, that is not hard to do, but our GPS kept telling us "make a legal u-turn when possible".  Texas driving is different for us.  We don't make many u-turns in Missouri, but it is a necessity here.  We finally arrived at Escalantes Mexican Grille in Meyerland.

The restaurant itself looks very festival with it's lights.  We were greeted promptly and taken to our table.  We were served a salsa that was so good!  We tried to figure out what was different about it.  I thought it had garlic in it.  Jeff thought something was roasted in it. It had a smooth taste.  We ended up eating two bowls of it.

I ordered a beef burrito.  The beef was actually steak and not ground beef.  Steak is my favorite.  The burritos here are different than at home.  Our burritos at home come with refried beans and cheese in the burritos.  This burrito had steak and onions and the cheese sauce was on the top.

Beef Burrito
 Jeff ordered shrimp and beef fajitas.  The shrimp was wrapped in bacon.  He said it was good.  Fajitas are different here than at home.  In Missouri, our fajitas are served with onions and green and red peppers.  We have found it is hard to find red and green peppers here.

Steak and Shrimp Burrito

The food was great and as you can see, the portion size is large.  I would love to eat here again.

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  1. Oh boy...has that made me hungry! We love reading your reviews! Deccy x