Monday, January 7, 2013

Timmy Chan

We ate here a few days before Christmas. This is an American-Chinese Restaurant.  They serve Chinese food, but they also serve burgers, fries, fish and chicken.  There is also an American Breakfast menu.

The first thing that surprised us was the sign over the door.
Definitely have never seen a sign that says shirts and shoes are appreciated.  I prefer having them be required.
Jeff ordered catfish and chicken wings.

Catfish and Chicken Wings

Cashew Chicken

Egg Rolls

Chicken Wings
The portion sizes were large.  The food was good.  The cashew chicken is not what I expected.  I prefer my cashew chicken to be served "Springfield style" which is deep fried.  It looked like it was prepared this way by the picture on the wall, but it wasn't.

We enjoyed our food, but it was not outstanding.  We will probably not be eating here again as there are so many other places to try.

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