Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Willie's Grill & Ice House in Katy, TX

We ate at Willie's Grill & Ice House when we were in The Woodlands, TX last summer. It was one of my favorite restaurants.  I was not quite as impressed this time around, but I have learned that places I love the first time I visit are sometimes disappointing the next time.

This is a place where you stand in line and place your order. You do not pay at the time you place your order.  A waitress comes to your table and reads back your order and then brings your food.  You pay the waitress.  I don't see a lot of time savings in this way of ordering or any money saving on the restaurant's part.

We started out with fried pickles are our appetizer. I enjoyed these.  The chips had a nice breading and are served with a ranch sauce.
Fried Pickles
Jeff ordered the catfish/shrimp combo.  He said it was good.

Catfish/Shrimp Combo with Fries and Coleslaw
I ordered the 1/2 slab of baby back ribs.  It is is served with coleslaw and fries.  The ribs were good, but not as good as when I had them at The Woodlands.  The coleslaw was very creamy and good.

Baby Back Ribs with Fries and Coleslaw

I enjoy the food at this restaurant and if I was a resident of Houston, I would go back.  However, since we are just visiting, I will explore other restaurants.

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