Thursday, April 25, 2013

C.B. & Potts Restaurant and Brewery

We visited C.B. & Potts on a Saturday night.  We were seated quickly even though the place was very busy.  The Nuggets were playing and many people were there watching the playoff game.

Outside C.B. & Potts

Outside C.B. & Potts
The menu has many things to choose from including pasta, steaks and burgers. They brew their own beer. It was hard to make a decision.  We started our meal with fried pickles.  I have fallen in love with fried pickles over the past year.

Fried Pickles
The fried pickles were good, but the breading didn't have much seasoning.  My favorite are still from Smashburger.

I debated between ordering a ribeye and a burger.  Why the debate?  Well, we are planning on going to a steak place next weekend and I decided to save my money for that.  I ordered the Stadium Burger and I did not have any regrets.

The Stadium Burger
The Stadium Burger: Seasoned beef patty, sauteed mushroom, hickory smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce and mayonnaise on kaiser bun.  I chose onion rings instead of fries.  The burger was delicious.  The mushrooms really made it good.  The onion rings were good, but for the up charge for them, I think there should have been more than six.

Jeff, my husband, ordered a speciality burger and I can't remember the name of it.  It is not listed on their online menu.   I think it was the Wineland Burger or something like that.  It was a burger that had a brat, burger, sauerkraut, cheese and probably a few other things.  He said it was really good, but the brat was a little much.

Burger with Brat
Vampire Fries
Jeff ordered Vampire Fries with his burger.  The fries have garlic on them.  They were really good.  There was an up charge for them, but they were worth it.

We really enjoyed this restaurant.  The food was really good as was the service.

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