Saturday, April 13, 2013

Table Mountain Inn

This is a restaurant that is inside the hotel in Golden, CO, but you can see it from the street as they have patio seating. We ate here on a Saturday evening. We arrived before the restaurant portion opened, but we were rudely told by a waiter that we could eat in the Catina if we could find a seat. We couldn't find a seat. We passed by the hostess and we asked her what time the restaurant opened. She said she would find us a seat. We passed by the rude waiter and he said "It looks like it is going to work out for you after all." The hostess did not find us a seat but told us the restaurant opened in ten minutes. Wouldn't it be nice if the waiter could have told us the same thing? I think my husband would have been fine with leaving, but we stayed.

We started out our meal with Flaming Asadero Cheese.

No, it didn't set the place on fire, but it looks like it could have.

The Flaming Asadero Cheese is served with house made flatbread, chips and condiments.  It was very good.
My husband ordered the Poblano Del.  It is a roasted poblano pepper filled with shrimp, bay scallops, cotija and jack cheese, ChimayĆ³ red chili sauce.  He said it was very good.

Poblano Del

 I ordered the Carnitas Burrito.  It is pork braised in traditional New Mexican seasonings, chipotle-onion blend, flour tortilla and smothered in green chili.

Carnitas Burrito
I wasn't impressed with the burrito.  I didn't feel it was seasoned at all.  I did take half of it home and ate it the next day for lunch and I enjoyed it more at home. I added cheese to it at home.

We thought the food was good, but we will not be returning because it didn't knock our socks off.  There have to be places in Denver that has food that will knock our socks off, right?

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  1. Please try Jose O'Shea's in Lakewood. It is on Union St just a block or so south of 6th Ave. Great place and is very popular with the local people.

    1. If we make it that way, we will. Thanks! We did find two places this weekend that we really liked. I will blog about those later this week.

      Hope you are able to dig out soon. Sounds like more snow is coming. :-(