Tuesday, April 2, 2013

L D Buffet

This was the first restaurant we ate at after arriving in Colorado.   The outside of the building looks like it may have been a Mexican restaurant at one time, but it is now a Chinese buffet.  When we walked in, I thought it might be good.  There were four long food bars in the center and then the back wall had a dessert table as well as a sushi bar.  The food looked pretty good.  There were labels on most things, but then I noticed not all the labels matched up.  I have to be careful because I am allergic to shellfish and they definitely had a lot of dishes with seafood.  I loaded up my plate with chicken items.  I was quite disappointed to find that some of the chicken was lukewarm and other pieces were very cool. I told my husband to be careful in what he was eating.  He said that his oysters were not cold.  I told him I noticed that they did have times listed next to the food labels and I thought that probably showed when the food was brought out.  He commented that as long as it wasn't out for four hours that we would be okay.  As I was eating, I looked around the restaurant and noticed that the waitstaff were putting the dirty dishes on a cart which sat out for all to see.  They also had dirty rags just hanging over the counter.  They used those to wipe down tables.  I didn't have a good feeling about the place, so I didn't eat much.  It has been a day since we ate there and we did not get sick, so that is good.  I definitely will not be eating here again.  The waitstaff was nice and attentive, but the food temperature and cleanliness are a big concern for me.

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