Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TOCABE: An American Indian Eatery

I have been very excited about trying this restaurant. It appeared on Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives.  I did not actually see it on the show, but it appears on my app.  There has only been one restaurant that we have tried from that show that we did not like, so I was hoping I would not be disappointed this time.

Outside of the restaurant.

Orders are placed at the counter.
The three hands represent the three villages of the Osage Nation: Pawhuska, Hominy, and Greyhorse.
I had checked over the menu before we arrived. I was set on ordering the Indian Taco, but I almost changed my mind because the Bison Ribs sounded good.   I stuck to my first decision and ordered the Indian Taco. The tacos are not the type of tacos you get elsewhere.  They are flat. They are made from Indian Fry bread and they are so good!

Indian Taco
I chose to order my Indian Taco with shredded bison. I added chili beans, lettuce, red onions cheese, hominy and chipotle sauce. It was so good!   If I ordered it again, I would take off the onions becausethey were strong, but I loved it!

Stuffed Fry Bread
Jeff, my husband, ordered the Stuffed Fry Bread.  I am not sure what all he had it stuffed with, but he really liked it.  There was a little problem with his.  He had to wait for his because it had to be fried and he gave his name.  Well, the guy behind him was also named Jeff. He ordered the bison ribs and I guess he wasn't sure what the ribs looked like because he accepted Jeff's order and ate half of it before the error was caught.   We were not upset at all, but the manager came by and gave us an order of Fried Bread Nuggets because he said they don't like to mess up. We were very impressed.

Fried Bread Nuggets
The Fried Bread Nuggets are bread dipped in powder sugar.  They were very good.

Orders are placed at the counter, but employees still came by to check on their guests and to make sure everyone was happy. The staff was very friendly.

Finally, a place in Denver that knocked our socks off!    If you want something a little different, try this place!

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  1. Oh my! That looks amazing! And I recognize Pawhuska and Hominy as towns in Oklahoma! Love hominy as a food. Mmmm.