Friday, June 14, 2013

Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill

Flanigan's is a chain restaurant.  I looked at the menu online and there were no prices.  I hate when restaurants do that.  Do they think it makes them get more customers?  We almost didn't go for that very reason.  I decided to give it a try because if it was really expensive, I would just have a hamburger.

Aquarium that is behind the hostess desk.
We were seated promptly and I was happy to see that the prices were very reasonable. Our drinks were served in souvenir cups and if we come back with them, we can get our drinks for $1.99. 
The walls were full of fish.  Jeff liked that they were labeled.

We started out our meal with an appetizer.  This is from the menu:

Deep fried, homemade egg rolls, filled with rib meat from Flanigan's famous baby back ribs, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, onions, and our award winning barbeque sauce. These melt-in-your-mouth delectables are an exclusive, Flanigan's baby back creation, so you won't be able to get this item any place else, and if you do, it cannot be the "real deal"!

Rockin' Rib Rolls
I thought the rib rolls were great!  Jeff said he tasted mostly pulled pork and he was disappointed.  I still say they were great.

I ordered the rib-eye with a loaded baked potato.  The coleslaw is complimentary, if you ask for it.  Why should you have to ask for it?  My steak was really good but it was not a rib-eye.  I think it was a strip steak.  I didn't complain about it because honestly, I didn't notice until Jeff mentioned it. The coleslaw was really good. It was very creamy.  The baked potato was loaded with bacon and cheese and it was very good.

Rib-eye? Dinner
Jeff ordered the Fresh Dolphin.  This is from the menu:

Flanigan's Specialty!  Sandwich or dinner:  blackened, broiled, grilled, sautéed, deep fried. 

Fresh Dolphin
Jeff said his meal was good.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that my husband doesn't give rave reviews very often, so it has to be great for him to say much.

We enjoyed eating here and we would probably return if we were staying longer here.

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  1. I really like to eat in the cool and clean restaurant just like a I always go in that restaurant because they have a clean surrounding and a great waiter to entertain all the costumer....