Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Field Irish Pub & Eatery

We were driving around on Saturday looking for a place for lunch.  This place looked so charming, that we decided to give it a try.

Banyan Tree outside The Field Irish Pub & Eatery
Entryway into the restaurant

Entryway into restaurant.
The restaurant is very charming on the inside.  It has hardwood floors as well as wood on the walls.  The only problem is that it is very dark inside.  It took our eyes a while to adjust.  Irish music was playing softly in the background.  Live music is played on certain days.

The menu had many dishes to choose from.  I should have ordered the Shepherd's Pie for something different but I chose a burger.

Field Burger
I ordered the Field Burger.  It is topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, Monterey jack cheese and BBQ.  The burger was very good.  The only thing it was lacking was enough BBQ sauce.  The BBQ sauce was just barely there.  The fries were good and nicely seasoned.

Jeff was more adventurous than me which is common.  He ordered fish and chips.

Fish & Chips
Jeff said his meal was good.  We were surprised by the size of the fish.

We ordered onion rings as an appetizer.

Black & Tan Onion Rings
The onion rings had a different flavor.  We are not sure how the black marks were made, but that may be what caused them to have their flavor.  They were very good.

We enjoyed eating here.  The decor makes it a fun place to have a meal.  I would like to eat here again.

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  1. We have an authentic Irish pub in South Bend. I always enjoy going there. It too is dark (ha). That must be part of the authenticity.