Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tijuana Taxi Co

We ate here on Father's Day and the place was packed.  We were seated quickly, but our waitress was very busy and it took her a while to take our drink order.

The inside has a fun decor.

The bar.

The chips and salsa were really good.  We would have eaten more, but our waitress didn't make it back to our table until after our food was served.  She asked if we wanted more, but we said no since we were eating our meal.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to eat because there are so many options.  I debated between a skirt steak and a chimi.  I decided to go for the chimi because I hadn't had Mexican since we left Texas.

Chimichanga with Shredded Beef
The chimichanga was really good.  The chimi was stuffed with shredded beef and beans.  The Spanish rice and refried beans were also very good.

Jeff ordered the Palmomilla Steak Dinner which is what I almost ordered. The skirt steak is grilled. Onions and mushrooms are served on top.  It is served with fried plantains.  Jeff said they were some of the best that he has ever had.  He chose tamale cakes and chili cheese mashed potatoes as his sides.  He enjoyed the meal.  The plantains and the tamale cakes were his favorite part of it.

Palmomilla Steak Dinner
We enjoyed eating here even though our waitress was really slow getting back to us with drinks, our checks and our change.  She was really busy and every time she tried to get to us, someone us got her attention. 

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