Monday, June 17, 2013

The Pirate Republic Seafood Grill & Bar

Jeff and I arrived here by water taxi on a Saturday afternoon.  I was disappointed that they did not have indoor seating because I wanted air conditioning.  LOL  Jeff said he had planned on sitting outside all along.  As you may have figured, the restaurant sits on the water of a canal.

I was a little concerned that we were the only ones there, but more people showed up while we were eating.

All teas and sodas come in a bottle, but a glass of ice is also served.

I ordered The Pirate Republic Burger.  It is made according to the menu with a homemade blend of prime rib, NY strip, rib eye and top sirloin and grilled to perfection. You can also add bacon, pickles, onions, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions or even a fried egg FREE OF CHARGE.  Along with one choice of: mayo, spicy mayo, pesto mayo, tartar sauce, buffalo, regular BBQ or sweet and spicy BBQ.  I chose the spicy mayo and it was so good.  I used it on my fries.  I tried a little on my sandwich, but it was a little strong on that.  The burger was really good.  I ordered it medium and it was actually medium.  I rarely get a true medium burger. It is usually served to me as medium well.

The Pirate Republic Burger

Jeff ordered the Brethehen Kobe Beef Burger.  From the menu: Famous Japanese Wagyu beef ground to make a delicate burger patty served with arugula and tangy Brazilian Catupiry cream cheese. He ordered yucca fries.  He enjoyed the burger and the yucca fries were different.  I tried them and liked them.

Brethehen Kobe Beef Burger

Boat being lowered into the water.

Almost to the water.

Yacht passing us.
The service was good.  We were served fast enough that we were able to catch the next water taxi.  They come by about every 40 minutes.

We enjoyed eating here even though the prices are a little high, but you are paying for the view.  My burger was $13.50 and Jeff's was $18.

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