Monday, October 7, 2013

Hillside Restaurant

 Jeff has been wanting to eat here for a while. It looks really cute on the outside. I had searched for a menu and the menu on their website does not have prices. I hate that. I really like to know the price before I eat somewhere. I was finally able to find a menu with some prices from a third party on the internet.  The prices were moderate, so I agreed to eat there. 

Doesn't it look charming?
We were seated promptly and our waitress came to our table immediately.  She took our drink orders and thought were ready to place our food order. We told her we needed a few minutes. She was happy we didn't want to order wine because she said going over the list was a pain.  She came back with our tea and we noticed there was not any ice in it.  We asked if we could have ice.  She said she would bring us some.  We came back and took our food order, brought our appetizer and then our salad and each time she said she would bring us ice.  We ended up just drinking our tea thinking the refills would have ice in them.  She refilled our teas and yes ice was included, but then she brought us a glass of ice.  She then became obsessed with asking us if we needed more ice.  We think she was new or at least we hope that was her problem because the evening only got worse with her.  LOL

A party of eight came in and our waitress received their table.  We had asked for our check after she took their drink order, which took quite a while.  She brought their drinks, but no check for us.  She had to pour each beer into a chilled mug and then walk halfway across the room to their table.  She did this eight times.  She then took their food order which took even longer because some of the menu had to be explained and one person could not eat dairy.  She had trouble understanding the no dairy.  As she walked by our table, she said she would bring our check (again).  She disappeared into the kitchen and later appeared with the other tables salads.  Each salad was individually carried to the table and served.   Finally, a half hour after asking for our check, she brought it to us.  You know what was funny?  All she had to do was drop off the check to us. She doesn't take the payment, thank goodness because that would have taken even more time.  Why couldn't she bring us the check before she served the salads?  I am not sure if she actually had to prepare the salads or thought she had to stay with the order because once she took the order, she didn't return until she had their food.

They have been in business for 50 years!

Okay, so now on to the food.  The menu had so many things to choose from.  It was really hard to make a choice.  We started out our meal with fried mushrooms.

Battered Mushrooms
The batter on the mushrooms was not seasoned.  I didn't care for the marinara sauce.  A ranch dipping sauce would have been so much better.

Oil to dip the bread.  it was good.

I really ordered something different this time.  I decided to try a German dish since they are celebrating Oktoberfest.  My great grandparents are from Germany and I haven't really tried much German food.  I was really intrigued by the "German noodles". I pictured homemade, wide noodles.  It turns out they were just regular noodles.  LOL

Jaeger Schnitzel which is tender veal cutlet with homemade beer batter and served over German noodles.  Topped with homemade Hunter sauce (mushroom wine) served with a side of red cabbage.
The veal was really good.  The sauce was different. It was somewhat like a Marsala, but not as good. The noodles were well, just noodles.  They looked liked the same noodles that were in Jeff's dish.  LOL

It came with a side salad.  The salad seemed to have a lot of brown, wilted lettuce, but it was okay.

Jeff ordered Chicken Saltimboucca.  Boneless breast of chicken pounded thin and stuffed with ham, mozzarella and Italian stuffing, sauteed in olive oil and Chablis.  It is served with Fettuccini Alfredo.  He really liked his meal.  I tried the chicken and it was good.

Chicken Saltimboucca.

 He had a Caesar salad which looked a lot nicer and greener than mine.

I am glad we ate here because I enjoyed trying the German dish.  We were not pleased with our waitress, but we tried to be patient because she did seem to be in over her head.

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  1. Hmmmmmmm. I really don't think noodles are a German dish!