Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Rheinland is a German restaurant located in Independence.  I have not had much exposure to German food even though my Great Grandparents are from Germany.

We ate here for lunch on Saturday.  The restaurant has a cozy feel to it.  I think many of the customers were regulars.

There are many decorations throughout the restaurant. The glass case at the front reminds me of an old store.

The ceiling

A piano sits in one corner.

I decided to order a tenderloin sandwich with fried potatoes. The sandwich was supposed to have swiss cheese.  I am not fan of swiss cheese, so I ordered it without it.

Tenderloin sandwich, yes there is a bun under it.  LOL 
The sandwich was really good.  It had mustard on it, but could have used an onion.  The fried potatoes were excellent.

Jeff ordered FleischKäse ( Bavarian Loafer ) open-faced which is a thick slice of German loaf, topped with sauerkraut and served open face on German rye bread.

Jeff said the sandwich was good.  He thought it would be more like a meatloaf, but he thought it tasted like Spam.  He agreed that the fried potatoes were good.

We enjoyed eating here.  It was fun to be "transported" to Germany for an hour.

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