Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pizza Villa

Pizza Villa is located in DeKalb, IL. We ate here on a Sunday evening and the place was busy. Food orders are placed and paid for at a window, but drink orders are placed at the table and paid for there.  It is a little odd.  They do charge for re-fills on soda and they offer beer, so I guess that is why they do it this way.  I just don't know why food orders are paid for upfront.

There are three levels of dining.
We started our meal with Parmesan Nuggets. This was the whole reason I wanted to eat here.  The nuggets are light, fluffy puffs of dough.  They can be ordered plain, but we chose the Parmesan/Garlic variety.  The order was huge!  I was not disappointed in the taste. The nuggets were so good!

Parmesan Nuggets
We ordered a thin crust pepperoni, mushroom, onion and crispy bacon pizza.  The bacon really took over the flavor, but it was good. 

We had so much food left over that I had it for lunch the next day.  The nuggets were even good re-heated.

If we are ever back in the area, I will eat here again.

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  1. Villa nuggets = Pillows of Love! Glad you liked them!! Donna