Friday, October 4, 2013

Sorrento's Restaurant - A Re-visit

We visited Sorrento's Restaurant in September and I wanted to go back and try their Chicken Marsala.  You can read about our previous visit here

Our meal started out the same as last time with a relish tray as well as a cheese spread and bread and butter.

Our meals came with soup and salad.  I had the minestrone and Jeff had the french onion.

I decided to order the Veal Marsala instead of the Chicken Marsala.

Veal Marsala
My meal was good.  The veal was good.  I could taste the marsala in a few bites, but it was not as strong as I like. I enjoyed it though.

Jeff ordered the prime rib.  We were surprised by the size. It took up a large plate.

He was not able to finish it and brought home about a 1/3 of it which our dogs enjoyed over three days.  He said it was good.

I am glad we were able to eat here a second time because I really wanted to try one of their Italian dishes.  This is a very enjoyable place to eat.

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