Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rosa's Cafe & Tortilla Factory

We ate here for lunch on a Thursday.  It has a drive-thru, so I thought it would be more like a fast food restaurant.  It is a fast food place, but it seems like more of a restaurant on the inside.  Orders are placed at the counter and when your order is ready, it flashes on a screen.  The tables and the decor make it seem more like a regular restaurant.  The food is served on real plates and real silverware is used, not plastic.
Outside of Rosa's Cafe & Tortilla Factory

Salsa bar
I ordered the smothered burrito.  I considered it a good deal for $4.99.  Look at all the food you get.

Smothered Burrito
Jeff ordered the Beef Burrito plate which has three burritos. Price was $5.99.
Beef Burrito Plate
We were also given extra tortillas with our meals.  They are made at the restaurant.

We thought the food was good, especially when we added extra salsa to it.  Where else can you get a meal like this for the price?  We would definitely spend more at Taco Bell.  We were quite impressed.  We would love to eat here again.

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