Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Twisted Root Burger Company

We visited this restaurant because it was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  The thing that is different about this place is that they serve some game burgers.

Outside Twisted Root Burger

Inside photo

Inside photo
Orders are placed at the counter and you are given a card with the name that they will call you.  Jeff was James Bond and I was Kate Gosselin.  It was pretty funny to watch people go up as their names were called like "The Fonz" and "Richard Nixon". 

I really had a hard time making a decision on what type of burger to order.  Every burger that they had which was one of their "favorites" had something that I didn't like.  I could have built mine own, but decided to just take off the item I didn't like.  I ended up ordering the Big Tex – cheddar, guac, fried onion strings & chipotle sauce.  I took the guacamole off.  The burger was good, but nothing special.  I ordered a side order of fried pickles.  They were okay, but not as good as Smashburger.

Big Tex Burger with Fried Pickles
 Jeff is much more daring than me.  He decided before we went in that he was going to order whatever "game" was being offered.  The "game" of the day was kangaroo, so that is what he had.

Kangaroo Burger and Onion Straws
 Jeff said the burger was drier than a hamburger.  He said it was okay, but it did keep kicking him all day.  It was being somewhat funny in saying that, but the burger did bother him most of the day.

Bottle caps sealed in the tabletop.
We are glad we ate here for the experience, but we didn't consider it anything special.  It was a pricey lunch.  My lunch was $14 and Jeff's was $18.

You may have noticed I am using photos that have a copy write.  It is okay.  They are mine.  They have the name of my other blog: Two Greyhound Town-Traveling Across America.

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  1. Mum has had kangaroo and says that it is pretty dry......no fat on it She thinks. She says it's a lot better than croc though!